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ON TOUR 2004 - 2008

On Tour 2004-2008

Un cd de 14 titres enregistrés au fil des tournées entre 2004 et 2008 dans cinq pays avec une riche palette d' atmosphères, et en bouquet final, une version complètement folle du Boogie expiatoire à Newport Kentucky, spécial décalage horaire !

La galante des rois

La galante des rois

Ces mélodies s'étaient endormies sur du papier, certaines il y a 30 ou 20 ans, d'autres, il y a justes quelques années. Fabrice qui a accepté de les dévorer en un temps éclair, les a ressucitées et cela, à sa manière.

Twistin' at Ray's

Twistin at Rays

Exciting and clever dance party music with an early '60's twist reference from French pianist Fabrice Eulry & The Rolling Twisters

Blues & Boogie Woogie PIANO STOMP


The four pianists for the crowdy Englert theater of Iowa city, play blues and boogie-woogie all night long : Chase Garrett, Carl Sonny Leyland, Fabrice Eulry & Mark Braun. Fabrice Eulry plays his famous "BOOGIE EXPIATOIRE" called Grand boogie in english. This new version is so long and intense that it's separated in two tracks. He also plays with Carl Sonny Leyland son Avalon, a improvised and crazy for hands.

Escapade Symphonique

Escapade Symphonique

Recorded in Burgundy in 2011 with a new string orchestra Accords parfaits. 4 symphonic arrangements for strings clarinet piano and percussions on French popular songs, and a original composition, written by Fabrice Eulry, and some swing duos piano clarinet with Fabrice Eulry and Jacky Milliet give to this album a contrast between popular melody and harmonic deep sounds.

Concerto en DO# mineur


First piano concerto composed by Fabrice Eulry, recorded with 27 musicians included "Prelude de Paris" strings

Jeu Double


These two exceptional musicians are identical: they're both very demanding; they're absolutely bursting with enthusiasm; and both of them get a bit wary if you treat them like friends too quickly! I wanted to bring them together for a series of concerts at the "salle cortot", and it was two years before the idea finally took a shape. Little by little, the two of them com to trust me... (Franck MOSSLER)



The piano rag in all its aspects with a lot original peaces

Piano Killers


Three pianists : Ricky Nye (U.S.A.) Renaud Patigny (Belgium) Fabrice Eulry (France)

2, 4, 6 hands and one grand piano only for improvised blues and boogie-woogie

Blue and Boogie piano summit 10th birthday

Blue and Boogie piano summit 10th birthday

Fabrice Eulry, Ricky Nye, Carl Sonny Leyland, Chase Garett, en piano solo, en duos de piano, avec un 8 mains final et tout l'orchestre en bouquet final de ce festival mémorable (Cincinnati U.S.A. 2008)

Promenade dans Paris


If you love Paris.

The piano french touch on parisian songs : Paris canaille, La java bleue, Ca c'est Paris, La complainte des infidèles, Les amoureux des bancs publics, La plus bath des javas, Le p'tit bal du samedi soir, La chansonnette, Les feuilles mortes, C'est si bon, Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?, Douce France, Vous qui passez sans me voir ...

Boogie Passavant


A piano solo live recording from rag to swing and boogie-woogie.

The 7th blues & blues piano summit

Cincinattian piano summit

Une version insolite du boogie-woogie expiatoire, sur ce disque souvenir du festival de piano (CIncinnati 2005). On y entend aussi Julien Brunetaud, Ricky Nye, Arthur Migliazza. Des duos de piano, et un final tonitruant avec tout les pianistes, Ricky Nye et son superbe orchestre.

Big beat band & Fabrice Eulry


A live recording session in 2004 christmas period with a french swing southern band

Boogie Folies Vol 2


Almost ten years after the first volume, the second "Boogie folies" piano solo contains news fantasy around boogi-woogie with a repertoire from muddy waters to Beatles or Rimsky-Korsakov.

Eulry Christmas


Christmas songs



This pianistic poem tells the story of one century of friendship between France and United Kingdom

16 variations from the original theme describe 16 common events shared by the two nations. The 16 variations are described in the two language.

This composition, asked by french embassy in London was performed for the first time on december 2004 in London by Fabrice Eulry himself.

Francophoniswing Vol 2


The second volume of french melodies played in a swing way with octet arrangements by Fabrice Eulry and Jacky Milliet as special guest on clarinet

El boogie-woogie lo mas rapido del mundo


A late photography of Fabrice Eulry late ninetees solo live session with Errol Garner Gershwin tribute, blues and boogie-woogie



Fabrice Eulry & Jacky Milliet (clarinet) on french melodies played in aswing way (Trenet, Brassens, Vian, Dassin) Gainsbourg).

Boogie-Woogie Orchestral


Since 1997, Fabrice Eulry orchestra which was a trio? becametrio became a septet. yhe repertoire had changed : in 1998 it was time to record ! this boogie-woogie session is only live and only one take. dirty but goodie !

Une soirée au Trianon


Washboard player and drummer, Gilbert Leroux IS one of the most famous french dixieland legend since 1963. the duo is the result of years of common experience and friendship

Jacques Doudelle


Jacques Doudelle est un autodidacte à la carrière atypique avec un parcours admirable et créatif. Initiateur de la parade et de le nuit Sidney Bechet, le saxophoniste soprano (et ténor) présente ici un répertoire très varié avec Fabrice Eulry et sur certains morceaux Enzo Mucci (contrebasse) ou Stéphane Nossereau (batterie).

Boogie Folies


In late 1995, Pierre Nicolaeiff, pianist & producer asked fabrice eulry for a Boogie-Woogie record with classical boogie like Honky-Tonk train blues or pinetop boogie-woogie and style exercices on boogie like playing international standards in a boogie way ( part time lover hello dolly my way)



The two old friends Jacky Milliet and Marc Laferriere featured by Fabrice Eulry trio in a dixieland repertoire

Paris Jook


In october 1995 Fabrice Eulry was asked with Gerard Marmet (drumd) and Al sanders (bass) at LATITUDES JAZZ CLUB to play with a saxphonist we had never met before : Detroit Gary Wiggins who was on tour in france. He has a so strong gospel and funky sound, and the first night was so exciting, that we decided to record the third one.

Blues Sando


Enzo Mucci musical instinct and taste are sure. He is able to restitue gypsy soul on guitar or Willie Dixon blues spririt on bass without being scolastic and he plays over formal aspects. He wanted to record this disc with Fabrice Eulry "just for pleasure" as he said

Le Pianiste en Solo


Including his first boogie-woogie expiatoire version and his most fluid dark eyes one, with reflects of his early ninetees inspiration, this record is the most succesfull.

Le Pianiste en Trio


A live recording at Petit-Journal Saint-Michel with his original formula trio piano tenor sax drums

Piano Solo


The first Fabrice Eulry piano solo recording including a dark eyes version and ragtime and boogie-woogie compositions

Back to live


En 1990, Carl Schlosser (saxophone ténor, flûte et clarinette) monte un quartet avec le regretté Pascal Chebel à la contrebasse, Vincent Cordelette le batteur de Claude Bolling, et Fabrice Eulry au piano. Un soir après avoir joué ensemble au slow-club (renforcés par Philippe Chagne, Laurent Galeazzi remplaçant alors Cordelette). Pascal Chebel se tue dans un accident de voiture en rentrant chez lui. C'est Jean-Pierre Rebillard qui le remplace pour le disque Back to live enregistré début 1991 au Petit-journal Montparnasse, disque qu'il partagent avec le trio Colas (qui enregistre au Flamingo). Très médiatisé, produit par Lionel Haidant ingénieur du son de Claude Bolling, il est primé, et connaît un bon succès commercial.

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L'Histoire de France en chantant

Histoire de France

Audio book (french) telling France history with original songs and pictures.

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DVD Le tour de la chanson Française en 80 minutes

Filmé au somptueux théâtre de Roanne ce spectacle pianistique est un pot pourri ininterrompu d'une heure et demie qui démarre au Moyen âge pour arriver au XXIème siècle : outre la performance, on retrouvera avec plaisir, en interaction avec le public, avec humour mais aussi fidélité, les airs transcrits au piano qui font la gloire de la chanson française.

DVD Boogie WooGuillaume

Hommage à Guillaume Perrot.

Concert enregistré le 5 octobre 2014 au théatre municipal de Roanne

DVD Bobino


The second live recording dvd (hd 6 cameras) at the famous Paris Music-hall Bobino. with a impressive view of left hand work from inside the piano

DVD Festival International de Boogie Woogie


Boogie-woogie piano festival in Paris with Fabrice Eulry, Pierre-Yves Plat, Jean-Pierre Guillaume, Cesare Poggi, Enzo Mucci, Joel Dayde

DVD Fabrice Eulry et son piano fou !

Piano fou

First live recording dvd of Fabrice Eulry show